Craft Evenings 2017

The china-painting workshop on June 9th was a great success



The brass-rubbing workshop was on May 12th


Yvonne taught us how to do brass rubbing using her brasses and some owned by the church.

brass rubbing

Brass rubbing takes a bit of elbow grease

brass rubbing 2

Luckily, there was plenty of coffee and cake to keep us going!


making preparations

A big thank you to Yvonne and Janet and Peter for making the workshop happen

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On 10th March there was a teddy bear workshop


Our tutor, Jane (on the right) was assisted by Kate



Each teddy bear kit contained cut-out felt pieces, thread, needles and stuffing and scissors


students student


There was a lively discussion about which bit went where


cake 1 cake 2


The cakes were a welcome relief from all that concentration



Everyone worked hard to finish their teddy bear



finished bear


The second Coffee Cake & Craft evening of 2017 was a felted item workshop

Pieces of felt were cut into a heart shape like this


The layers of felt were put together


The layers were sewn together


and assembled into this



or this!



The first Coffee Cake & Craft evening of 2017 was a mosaic workshop

There were a lot of preparations to be made but everything was ready


Time to start

There was a huge range of mosaic pieces from which to choose.


The pieces were glued to a tile to make a coaster.

tile1 tile2 tile3

... had to concentrate



The tiles were left to dry.  It was time for tea and cake.


When the glue was dry, the tiles were grouted.

grouted tiles1


grouted tiles 2

Soon they were dry enough to take home, to be left overnight to dry completely.

This is one of the finished coasters


Meanwhile, many thanks to Peter and Janet for a wonderful evening.

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